Ongoing Projects
  • Enantioselective Electron Transfer Reactions via Mechano-chemistry

  • Development of Computational Models for Phase Transfer Catalysis

  • Systems Chemistry Through Compartmentalised Biomimetic Reactions

  • Regio and Stereoselective Functionalisation of Fatty Acids

Past Projects

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

  • Adventures into Phase Transfer Catalysis

  • Halogen Bonding in Catalysis

  • Ion-pair Catalysis

  • Robot-assisted Synthesis

  • Brønsted Base Catalysed Reactions

  • Organic Dye Catalysed Photoreactions

Chemical Biology

  • Novel Hydrazide Dendrimer as Transient Inter-cellular Linker

  • Design and Synthesis of Slow Hydrogen Sulfide Donors

  • Novel 11C-Radiolabelling Methodologies

  • Synthetic Water Channel for Desalination Membranes

  • Development of Next-Generation Antibiofilm Drugs