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Members' Awards


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Awards and Achievements of Students Under Supervision

  • Jackson Leow Dasheng – Kiang Ai Kim Scholarship, Astar Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • Lin Shishi – Lijen Industrial Medal for best honours project, CRISP award for best UROPS student in Faculty, Schering-Plough Gold Medal for best UROPS in Chemistry

  • Ng Yu Rui – Schering-Plough Gold Medal for best UROPS in Chemistry

  • Loh Weitian – Singapore National Institute of Chemistry for Best MSc thesis 2010

  • Ye Weiping – CEO and Founder of Raffles PharmaTech

  • Fu Xiao – Runner up 2010, Reaxys PhD Prize (international award)

  • Liu Hongjun – Best Research Publication Award 2010, Best Graduate Researcher Award 2010, World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research 2011 (international award); CEO and Founder of Agplus Technologies

  • Kee Choon Wee – President Graduate Fellowship

  • Ma Ting – Finalist 2011, Reaxys PhD Prize (international award)

  • Goh Kien Soon – Sim Geok Soo Medal 2012, Best MSc thesis

  • Chen Wenchao – SNIC poster award (ISCOC-ISCIC 2016) and 2nd Chemistry National Meeting (ChnmSG2) poster award

  • Cao Weidi – SNIC poster award (ISCOC-ISCIC 2016); Professor, Sichuan University

  • Cui Xiyang – Journal of Organic Chemistry Poster Award (1st Singapore Japan Germany Trilateral Symposium on Precision Synthesis & Catalysis 2017)

  • Jiang Zhiyong – Professor, Henan Normal University (Winner of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars)

  • Wang Chao – Professor, Nanjing Technological University

  • Yang Yuanyong – Professor, Guizhou Medical University

  • Ye Xingyi – First Prize (poster), 4th Mogan Mountain Submit On Green Pharmaceuticals; Professor, Zhejiang University of Technology

  • Zong Lili – Professor, Xiamen University

  • Ren Jingyin – Professor, Northwest University (China); SNIC Poster Prize for Excellence in Synthetic Chemistry at the 1st China-Singapore Collaborative Synthetic Chemistry Conference

  • Ge Yicen – Professor, Chengdu University of Technology

  • Zhang Xin – 13th International Symposium on Activation Dioxygen and Homogeneous Oxidation Catalysis Poster Award, 2018; Finalist 2019, Reaxys PhD Prize (international award); ASIAN Journal of Organic Chemistry Poster Award, 2020

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