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Aerobic Oxidation of Benzylic sp3 C−H Bonds

through Cooperative Visible‐Light Photoredox Catalysis of N‐Hydroxyimide and Dicyanopyrazine

Xinfei Liu, Lu Lin, Xinyi Ye, Choon‐Hong Tan and Zhiyong Jiang

Asian J. Org. Chem. , 2017, 6, 422 – 425

Abstract: A visible‐light‐driven cooperative catalysis between dicyanopyrazine‐derived chromophore (DPZ) and N‐hydroxyimide has been developed. Under irradiation with a low‐energy and operationally convenient visible light, the cooperative catalytic system could facilitate the aerobic oxygenation of a series of benzylic sp3 C−H bonds through a photoredox pathway. The method provides a novel approach to access valuable carbonyls from benzylic methylenes and benzylic alcohols in moderate to excellent yields (up to 93 %).

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